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02-953 Warsaw
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About us:

Peding Sp. z o.o. covers a specific range of demands in construction sector, especially in laying floor and wall acid proof tiles in industrial objects such as:

  • Diary industry, cheese production and other milk products;
  • Breweries, wine industry, alcohol distillery, juice, mineral water and derivates;
  • Fruits and vegetables processing;
  • Chocolate, cakes and other sweets production factories;
  • Slaughter houses, meat packing, canneries, and other meat production facilities;
  • Oil factories;
  • Industrial kitchens;
  • Pharmaceutical industries and laboratories;
  • Chemical, paint, varnish and fertilizer factories.

and many other industrial objects where floors of high quality are needed to meet hygienic and other technical requirements. These are important aspects when exporting products into EU countries.

For many years we have been cooperating with different institutes in Europe and worldwide, observing the changes which occur in production processes, especially changes in new technology which is used on these markets. Floors in the industry are very demanding. They have to withstand attacks from acids and chemicals, thermal shock, heavy truck traffic, frequent high pressure cleaning, chemical detergents for cleaning, frost etc.
Materials which we use are produced in factories of the world-famous producers of ceramic materials CC Höganäs - Ricchetti Group with factories in different European cities. The tiles are made of unique clay, both in age and composition, from the CC Höganäs clay quarries in Sweden which is several hundred mln years old.
CC Höganäs vitreous clay tiles are formed by wet extrusion or dry pressing, they are then fired at temperature of 1.150 -1200º C for 3 days.

Chemical resistant ceramic tiles of 19 mm thickness are laid in epoxy based mortars - HABENITS, jointed with a high quality chemical resistant epoxy grout that forms solid and resistant floors, which meet high hygienic and technical requirements during a long lasting exploitation while exposed to chemical, mechanical, and thermal attacks.

Peding Sp. z o.o. provides a full-range service which includes: design, choosing right materials (tiles, bedding mortars, adhesives and grouts) for use in different chemicals environments, professional execution work which is carried out under professional supervision of our engineers and experienced managers. Their experience of working for many years on different projects created important references of our objects in Poland and in the rest of the world.
With our service we provide professional technical advice which is free of charge and also prepare necessary design with all important floor and wall details.

Our offer also covers additional equipment for industrial floors such as - stainless steel draining channels, gullies etc. These contribute to our full-range service, hence our floors are unique and of best quality in the world.

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